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Problem gambling at online casinos: warning signs and treatment

According to statistics, between 0.5% and 7% of the world's population is affected by problem gambling. The majority of players who play online casinos are able to control their bankroll and play time, but it is important to remain cautious and not lose your head. We all understand the dangers of problem gambling and want to inform our readers about all the consequences of this addiction. They say "prevention is better than cure", which means that it is easier to prevent the problem than to solve it.

If you notice the signs of this disease in yourself or someone close to you, do not delay in reacting. It is important to start treatment as soon as possible. There are many services offering professional and anonymous help. In this article we offer some of the most important information about problem gambling so that you can distinguish it in the initial stages and react immediately.

Warning signs of problem gambling

Thrill-seeking, the desire to escape from everyday problems and stresses, the hope of winning big or even a simple hobby on a slot machine or online roulette table can lead to addiction. One moment you are having fun and the next moment you find yourself unable to stop and you bet more. The fact is that the addicted gambler cannot stop gambling, because most of the time he does not understand that the problem exists.

There are a few signs to help you distinguish addiction in a family member or friend. These are not physical changes, but rather behavioural, psychological and financial changes.

First of all, the person may start to borrow money in order to gamble more. Having exhausted his or her funds, the gambler begins to look for other sources, as he or she is convinced that he or she will win in the following games or rounds.

Many gamblers are absent from work and university, forget about their hobbies and spend all their time on their computers or mobiles. They miss important events such as birthdays of their relatives and all holidays.

If they play all the time their behaviour changes: they become more stressed, get irritated easily and lose patience without any reason.

Their personality can change drastically and this can lead to psychiatric disorders.

What can be done to help a problem gambler?

It is important to understand that in most cases gambling addicts cannot beat the problem without support. They need the support of their loved ones as well as professional help. Online casinos have developed the "responsible gambling" program, the main goal of which is to prevent addiction. There is a lot of advice, organisations that deal with people with this problem and many effective treatments. The most important thing is to react as soon as you notice the first signs of problem gambling.

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